Refund & Cancellation


AppiDoc is a mobile / web platform for connecting doctors and patients for follow up consultations or pre-surgical consultations. It’s not a free consultation and the doctors can fix their own consultation fees for the service they provide to their patients. AppiDoc charges a minimal amount as a fixed platform or convenience charge on and above the doctor’s fee irrespective of the amount. Patients will be paying the doctors fee (fixed by the doctors) plus the AppiDoc fees (platform fees) while fixing the consultations with their doctors. Once paid, the amount will not be refunded. The amount will be transferred to the doctor’s account once the doctor completes a consultation. If the doctor / patient cancels an appointment due to unavoidable reasons, the amount will be transferred to the patient’s wallet and they can use this amount for further consultations.


AppiDoc maintains that doctors and patients value time and abide by the consultations once fixed. In unavoidable conditions where the doctor or patient cannot abide by the consultation time, they can cancel the appointment without loosing any money. Doctors can cancel all appointments and allow the patients to reschedule the appointments at a later date and time. Doctors can easily reschedule their consultation timings and fees whenever they wish to, according to their work schedule. Patients too can cancel an appointment once fixed and reschedule their appointments. They can use the same amount to reschedule their consultation.

Once a consultation is booked by a patient, the consultation fees specified by the doctor will be paid by the patient and the amount will be transferred to the AppiDoc account.

Once the doctor completes the consultation, the amount (consultation fees) will be transferred to the doctor’s account and the platform charges will be transferred to the AppiDoc account. If a doctor marks a consultation as pending, the amount will remain in the AppiDoc account till the doctor completes the consultation. Doctors can call their patients without patients paying the fees if the call is in a pending state. If the doctor or patient cancels an appointment, the entire amount (both the consultation fees of the doctor and the platform charges) will be transferred from the AppiDoc account back to the patient’s wallet, which he can use at a later date, either with the same doctor or with any other doctor.